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27 februari 2011: Choir of the Year : semi-finals

Semi-finals of the Choir of the Year competition.

27 november 2010: Choir of the Year: audition

Choir of the Year (Koor van het Jaar) is a national choir competition in Belgium. Not only the musicality of the choir is judged, but also the visual presentation. Koordinaat managed to go through to the semi-finals, together with eight other choirs.

May 20, 2010: Mirrors of Versailles

French Baroque music accompanied by gamba, baroque violing, organ and harp.

November 15, 2009: Aperitiefconcert Portie Gemengd

A small concert with Elnoséqué, the Dutch choir of a former Koordinaat-member that happened to visit Leuven..

Oktober 17, 2009: Master of Mystery and Magic

Choir meeting with 4 choirs, all bringing music inspired by the themes of mystery and magic.

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