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Diversity is key in the Koordinaat-repertoire. Both old as well as classical music and contemporary compositions are on our programme, and special attention is given to choir music from Flemish composers. But close-harmony and lighter songs are close to our heart as well.

The last few years we've tried to organise our concerts around a well defined theme. That way we brought both drinking songs and songs about contrasting feelings during our concert “Een Glas Contrast”. Original en high quality adaptations of gospels and spirituals sounded during the concert “Gospel's in the Air”. For “Klinkende Medeklinkers” poetry from van Ostayen was the central theme. And in our “Rosarium in Saecula” we brought our audience five centuries of religious music history through Pater Nosters and Ave Maria's.
Around Christmas there's traditionally at least some event where we bring a selection of our large Christmas repertoire, extended each year with a few new Christmas songs.

Koordinaat does not shun challenges. We are willing to take on difficult music, often try to walk new roads, and occasionally we even add some experimental music to our programme. And yet with an equal pleasure we also sings funny little songs (African songs for instance) or some of the true choir classics (like Alta Trinita, The Rhythm of Life, Tourdion, ...).

And once every so many years we organise a large concert with orchestra and soloists. In 2002 we performed Handels Messiah and in november 2006 the Requiems of Mozart and Salieri.

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